9 Best Chair After Back Surgery – Back Relaxed 2022

Are you one of those victims of severe back injuries? Do your works demand a long sitting position? Then the doctor may have recommended you to use a chair with an ergonomic design. And, no longer sitting for more than an hour.

Research shows that an average office-going man spends 6.4 hours sitting on his chair. Which finally causes different physical problems like cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, spinal stenosis, and other back problems. As a result, every 1 person out of 10 has been under the scissors for back surgery.

In most cases, the issues get recovered after the surgery. So, one can do his daily chores easily. But following the post-surgery restrictions. For instance, there’s a big restriction on using chairs. If using, then must need proper knowledge about how to sit after back surgery and which chair would be perfect.

So, in the quest of finding the best chair after back surgery, we have gone through a virtual journey and finally ended up with these nine products. However,

on your scroll, you may not find a full post-back surgery solution, but It’s a bunch of information to make your spend worthwhile.

What Kind of Chair Should You Sit In After Back Surgery

Expert’s around the globe appreciate the ergonomic design chair as the best support after back surgery. But it must have lumbar support as it helps to reduce the pressure on joints of the back disc. Another thing to consider is adjustable height settings, as the proper height of the chair provides relaxed sitting. 

Best Chair After Back Surgery

There are many types of chairs available in the market. But what matters most is the perfect seat design over style. On average, 50% of people in the industrialized world suffer from back problems, many of which are caused by lousy seat design. 

So, an ergonomic design chair with lumbar back support, adjustable height settings, and a soft seat cushion is the chair that you need after back surgery. Therefore, a chair can not recover the back problem but can shorten the recovery period with a relaxing and restful sitting experience. 

What is the best chair after back surgery? (Quick Summary)

  • Editor’s Choice: Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair
  • Best for Shower: Carex Tub Transfer Bench
  • Best in Height Adjustments: Office Star ProGrid High Back Managers Chair
  • Best in Budget: Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chai
  • Best Light-Weighted Chair: NOVA Medical Products Shower and Bath Chair
  • Best Ergonomic Chair: Vaunn Medical Tool-Free Assembly Spa Bathtub Shower Lift Chair
  • Best in Weight Capacity: HON Wave Mesh Big and Tall Executive Chair
  • All-rounder One: Komene Ergonomic Office Chair
  • Best Recline: Steelcase Leap Ergonomic Office Chair with Flexible Back

How Did We Make This Article 

According to research, one of every three people who work sitting all day long suffers from spinal stenosis. And in some cases, it needs back surgery to get rid of it. Considering all these issues related to sitting after back surgery, I’ve made this article. Also, we read almost 30 reports on post-back surgery care and talked with some of the patients to be precise about it.

Then a list of 30 products from amazon has been prepared. From that list, by going through more than 300 reviews from the real users I’ve shortlisted the 9 best chairs after back surgery. And this process, on the whole, took almost 10 working days which is almost 6o hours.

9 Best Chair After Back Surgery in 2022

1. Editor’s Choice: Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair

Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair

This Hbada Ergonomic office chair is a perfectly designed chair with effective features. It is the best

office chair after back surgery as it has all the requirements of an ideal chair like ergonomic design, pneumatic height settings, etc.

Additionally, it has a compact human curve-designed backrest, which helps to maintain the spine’s natural curves. So, it holds the spine perfectly and eases pressure and pain in the back. Also, the height setting is so dynamic that you will feel utmost comfort every time you sit on it.

Also, an ergonomic mesh back offers air to pass freely for extra comfort on the back. Additionally, foam-padded adjustable seats give excellent support to the height settings to be flexible in the chair without any panic. 

Again, this chair can be reclined for up to 150 degrees for a relaxing back place position. But after even having all those features, the maximum weight capacity is average than a traditional chair. Lastly, the chair provides extensive support for your back with efficient features so that your setting can be exactly as you want.

Features  of Hbada Ergonomic:

  • The backrest is an ergonomic human curve designed which creates complete spinal support.
  • It has a padded foam seat, so sitting is much more comfortable. 
  • The position of the seat is adjustable so that one can set this according to his comfort.
  • Its breathable mesh back helps to keep the back cool and allows air to blow.
  • It has a synchronized tilt mechanism that provides a smooth and easy recliner. 


  • Product Dimension: 26.8 x 26.8 x 45.7 inches
  • Item Weight: 34.5 pound
  • Max Weight Capacity: 225 pound
  • Height settings: Adjustable 
  • Chair Type: Ergonomic 
  • Colour: Black

Why Do We Love It?

  • Modern ergonomic design provides a great outlook. 
  • Adjustable seat cushion for pleasant usage. 
  • Breathable mesh back for comfortable sitting. 

What Should Improve?

  • Weight capacity is a bit low.

2. Best for Shower: Carex Tub Transfer Bench

 Carex Tub Transfer Bench

This ergonomic chair of Carex is designed especially for getting support during showers. After a spinal surgery or a neck surgery, it becomes tough to take a shower by standing for a long period of time, and here this chair helps handle the situation. 

As this chair is designed especially for the shower, it has corrosion-resistant legs with anti-slip tips. Also, this leg’s height can be adjusted from 16 to 20 inches. So, the patient can sit comfortably. 

Moreover, the backrest of this shower chair is reversible. Which means you are free to choose your seated position. And also can shift the armrest to your comfort position as it has only one armrest. 

Therefore, this lightweight shower chair has almost all the features for a safe and comfortable shower after back surgery. Though it looks very simple and light, it can hold your 300 pounds weight easily. So, considering all, you can go for it. 

Features of Carex Tub:

  • Non-slip texture in both bench and backrest for not slipping while taking a shower.
  • It has aluminum-made corrosion-resistant legs for longer usability.
  • There are anti-slip tips on the legs to reduce slip during the shower.
  • The backrest is reversible, which means you can adjust your seating position. 
  • It has an adjustable height setting so people of different heights can use it equally.  

Specifications :

  • Product Dimension: 20.03 x 30.98 x 19.24 inches
  • Item Weight: 11.82 pound
  • Max Weight Capacity: 300 pound
  • Height settings: Adjustable 
  • Chair Type: Ergonomic 
  • Colour: White

Why Do We Love It? 

  • Multi-adjustment for customization as needed.
  • Heavyweight capacity.
  • Safe and stable bathtub transfer bench.
  • The non-slip texture of the bench for relaxing sitting. 

What Should Improve? 

  • The armrest style is small for tall people. 
  • Height adjustment lifter position seems tough to reach. 

3. Best Height Settings: Office Star ProGrid High Back Managers Chair

Office Star ProGrid High Back Managers Chair

This Office Star ProGrid chair is one of the most comfortable and breathable lumbar support best office chair after back surgery. It has a modern ergonomic design and suitable features for after-surgery uses.

After back surgery, a person of different heights needs a chair relative to his height for perfect posture. So, this chair has a pneumatic seat height adjustment for instant and safe height settings, which is excellent under its price range. 

Also, you can control the seat depth according to your height as it is adjustable. It helps to reduce pressure on the buttocks and thighs. So you can sit comfortably after hip surgery. But, the capacity of the chair can be an issue here, as the chair can not bear maximized weight of a bulky person.

Additionally, most of the time, sitting in the same position causes pain as well as boredom. In that case, you can adjust the back in three different angles and lock the angle in which you feel comfortable. So, if you have recent hip surgery, then you can think about it.

Features  of  Office Star:

  • It has pneumatic seat control settings for fast and easy adjustment.
  • Three levers that can upgrade the angle of chair-back for comfortable sitting.
  • It has built-in lumbar support so that there is no issue with the back while sitting for long.
  • There are seat depth adjustments so it can be fit for all heights men.
  • It has a seat slider which helps to move the seat forward and backward considering comfort.


  • Product Dimension: 29 x 27.88 x 42.63 inches
  • Item Weight: 50.1 pound
  • Max Weight Capacity: 250 pound
  • Height settings: Adjustable
  • Chair Type: Ergonomic (High back)
  • Colour: Black

Why Do We Love It? 

  • Breathable lumbar support offers pleasant sitting.  
  • Easy to customize with multi-function control 
  • Suitable pneumatic seat height control for tall persons.

What Should Improve?  

  • Built-in material seems less durable.

4. Best Budget: Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair 

 Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair

Suppose you are looking for the best office chair after back surgery. In that case, this Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair can be one for you as it is specifically designed considering all the comfort positions while working in the office. Especially, the rollerblades are impeccable for movement while sitting on the chair.

This chair has an adjustable back with breathable mesh that keeps the body cool by allowing air to pass. Cool air also keeps the back sweat-free which makes sitting comfortably.  Also, the weight capacity is up to the mark even if you gain some after the surgery.

Additionally, the back is completely adjustable. Along with the lumbar support, it will help you not to develop back problems. Also, the recline feature allows tilting the backrest back. Therefore, the hardware section has worked smoothly with control settings and relax you for the time being.

Moreover, this modern ergonomic design chair is easy to install and can carry high weight. Also, the glides work perfectly even on the carpet. So, you can choose the position that makes your back more comfortable.

Features of Duramont Ergonomic:

  • It has a breathable mesh that keeps the back cool and sitting comfortably. 
  • The adjustable headrest helps to set the head properly during work.
  • Three adjustable chair back angles for working, relaxing, and sleeping position. 
  • The armrests are adjustable so getting in and out of the chair from the desk is easy.
  • It has smooth gliding wheels so one can easily move with the chair.


  • Product Dimension: 23.6 x 26 x 42 inches
  • Item Weight: 40 pound
  • Max Weight Capacity: 330 pound
  • Height settings: Adjustable 
  • Chair Type: Ergonomic (Modern) 
  • Colour: Black

Why Do We Love It? 

  • Can hold heavy weight capacity. 
  • The adjustable headrest provides relaxation. 
  • Multiway adjustments for head, hip, and back.

What Should Improve? 

  • The price is a bit high.

5. Best Lightweight: NOVA Medical Products Shower and Bath Chair

 NOVA Medical Products Shower and Bath Chair

Taking a shower after back surgery is a headache as standing for a long time can cause back pain. But if you have this NOVA Medical Products Shower and Bath chair, you may get relief from headaches with a stress-free, easy setup with an anti-slip sturdy seat.

This lightweight bath chair is made of molded plastic with a corrosion-resistant aluminum anodized frame. That’s why you can freely use this chair while taking a shower. Also, the feet are very sturdy, which is much needed while doing a shower.

Moreover, the bathroom floor often gets slippery, and many ordinary chairs can’t stay stable on the surface. But, this chair has skid resistance rubber tips on the chair legs. So it is safe on slippery floors. Also, the arms are broad and soft, but they do not slip when you put your hands on them.

However, the armrests are foam-padded so that you can put your arms comfortably. Moreover, these armrests are removable which you can customize your seat as you like. Lastly, the drainage hole on the center is well-positioned for the system of the chair. In short, if your bathroom is small, then you can go for it.

Features of Nova Medical :

  • It has an Aluminum anodized frame that is durable enough to be used for years.
  • The padded arms make the armrest comfortable and flexible to move.
  • Easy setup with the push button on the arm to save your time.
  • Sturdy but flexible feet to give proper support to your foot. 
  • Light-weighted chair within a reasonable price to ensure your experience remains well-valued.

Specifications :

  • Product Dimension: 21.25 x 28.5 x 18.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 6.75 pound
  • Max Weight Capacity: 275 pound
  • Height settings: Adjustable 
  • Chair Type: Ergonomic 
  • Colour: White

Why Do We Love It? 

  • Adjustable frame for friendly uses.
  • Easy installation, so no need for tools. 
  • It can move easily as it is light in weight. 

What Should Improve? 

  • Padded arms can be more advanced in technology.

6. Best Affordable: Vaunn Medical Tool-Free Assembly Spa Bathtub Shower Lift Chair

Vaunn Medical Tool-Free Assembly Spa Bathtub Shower Lift Chair

This Vaunn Medical Tool-Free Assembly Spa Bathtub Shower Lift Chair is a specially designed one for seniors who have problems standing for long in bath time. It’s robust, durable, and comfortable at the same time.

As I mentioned before, this chair is for seniors, the seat material used in this chair is polyethylene.  This material provides durable support and hygiene for users during use. Also, the sturdy body gives decent support on hands and feet even in the shower.

Moreover, in this bath chair, there are drainage holes on the seat, which offers water to drain effectively so that the seat remains dry and non-slippery. So, you can take the chair out of the bathroom immediately after taking a shower. 

Additionally, in most ordinary chairs, there is a common problem with assembly tools. But this one is designed for tool-free Assembly. But, the chair can be a bit complex when you reassemble it after removing any part. So, this chair is a good option at an affordable price with amazing features.

Features of Vaunn Medical:

  • It has a High-density polyethylene seat that lasts long with durability for years.
  • The armrest is removable so that you can use the chair without it.
  • The seat is a non-slip seat for the safety of the shower and sturdy in build quality.
  • It has non-skid rubber tips for more stable and secure uses.
  • There are small holes on the seat, so the seat gets dry faster after the shower. 


  • Product Dimension: 17.5×17.5×12 inches
  • Item Weight: 8.5 pound
  • Max Weight Capacity: 250 pound
  • Height settings: Adjustable 
  • Chair Type: Ergonomic 
  • Colour: White

Why Do We Love It? 

  • Small holes for the water drainage system. 
  • Non-slip seat for safe sitting. 
  • Padded armrests for comfort. 

What Should Improve? 

  • The seat dimension is a bit small.

7. Best Weight Capacity: HON Wave Mesh Big and Tall Executive Chair 

 HON Wave Mesh Big and Tall Executive Chair

This Hone Wave Mesh Big And Tall Executive Chair is one of the fine-featured Chairs on the list with the best weight capacity. It has the durable built-in quality and wider seat dimension under the price, which is pretty rare as a combination in chairs.

Usually, an ideal ergonomic chair’s weight capacity is its main key feature. This chair does the same, with its features and capacities, can hold up to 450 pounds of weight, which is the most in its range. Therefore, it is known as a big man’s chair in the community. 

However, it can hold the most weight, but its sturdy body is well furnished and doesn’t haggle anywhere. Also, it has pneumatic height adjustment and customized height settings. So, whether you are short or tall, you can use this chair comfortably.

Additionally, it has an adjustable recline which helps to set a comfortable position. Also, customizable lower back support reduces strain from the spine. But it can be slippery if you are planning a long time sitting without any pause. So, if weight safety matters to you, then this can be great for you. 

Features  of  HON Wave:

  • It has a pneumatic height adjustment setting so that anyone can adjust the height. 
  • The seat and back are covered with breathable mesh that gives a unique comfort. 
  • It has height and width adjustable arms that one can set depending on demand.
  • The adjustable recline and customized lower back make the sitting comfortable. 
  • A high weight capacity is up to 450 pounds so that it can easily be used in any place.


  • Product Dimension: 25.63 x 42.88 x 30.25 inches
  • Item Weight: 59 pound
  • Max Weight Capacity: 450 pound
  • Height settings: Adjustable 
  • Chair Type: Ergonomic 
  • Colour: Black

Why Do We Love It? 

  • Breathable mesh in seat and back.
  • Adjustable lumbar support for severe back problem support.  
  • User safety with heavy use guarantee.  

What Should Improve? 

  • The gap between the armrest and back can be improved.
  • Portability can be added.

8. Best Overall: Komene Ergonomic Office Chair

Komene Ergonomic Office Chair

An ergonomic design chair with four adjustment settings is this Komene Ergonomic office chair. These versatile adjustments are pretty helpful after back surgery and will support your back whenever you have a seat on it.

This oversized chair has an adjustable head, height, hip, and hand settings. So, if you have severe surgery on your neck or upper back, even in your hip, you can customize your chair as your comfort zone demands. It gives n extra comfort for those who like to move after a certain sitting.

Moreover, the back and seat of this chair mesh back. It provides continuous air circulation and increases comfort during summer. Also, the high-quality mesh defends transformation and abrasion, which is pretty cool than its competitors.

Therefore, if the floor is carpeted or a wooden floor, sometimes scratches occur while moving the chair. But this chair has wheels so it’s safe for your decorated floor. So, you can have this for your computer room and anywhere you want for a pain-reducing seat.

Features  of Komene Ergonomic :

  • This chair provides support in four positions for easy and comfortable sitting.
  • Different heights settings to meet and adjust the height, headrest, and backrest. 
  • The ergonomic backrest design fits the natural curve of the lower back, which reduces spinal pain.
  • It has 90° foldable arms so that this chair can be placed anywhere easily.
  • The mesh back and seat allow air to pass, which gives extra comfort.


  • Product Dimension: 29.99 x 13.8 x 25.8 inches
  • Item Weight: 35.2 pound
  • Max Weight Capacity: 250 pound
  • Height settings: Adjustable 
  • Chair Type: Ergonomic 
  • Colour: Black 

Why Do We Love It? 

  • Four adjustable supports according to users’ demand.
  • 90-degree Flip-up arms for easy placement.
  • Breathable mesh in seat and back for free air circulation.

What Should Improve? 

  • Chair height is a bit lower for tall people.
  • The Assembly procedure is not so easy. 

9. Best Recline: Steelcase Leap Ergonomic Office Chair with Flexible Back

Steelcase Leap Ergonomic Office Chair with Flexible Back

This Steelcase Leap office chair is a fine-featured chair with the best flexible back. If you are looking for the best chair to sit in after back surgery, you must look at this chair.

First, if I talk about Its seat and back, it has a patented technology proven to increase productivity. So, it helps to get rid of back pain after surgery. The seat bottom gives every potential support when you sit on it.

Additionally,  the leap’s live backrest can change shape to mimic the movement of the spine and provide support to our body while moving. So the blood circulation remains normal. Also, the adjustable arms can be moved far enough back and down that, if you want to work close to a desk with no arms on feel.

Moreover, this chair has a natural glide system technology. This technology is used for easy and comfortable recline even without any strain on eyes, neck, or arms while keeping your body aligned with work

Features of SteelCase Leap:

  • It has patented technology to increase productivity in the seat and back.
  • 4-way adjustable arms for better neck and shoulder support. 
  • Easy to recline as it features a natural glide system technology. 
  • The height, width, depth, and pivot of the armrest are adjustable for proper support.
  • Tested weight capacity, which performs high at maximum weight range.


  • Product Dimension: 24.8 x 27 x 43.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 66 pound
  • Max Weight Capacity: 300 pound
  • Height settings: Adjustable 
  • Chair Type: Ergonomic
  • Colour: Ocean Blue

Why Do We Love It? 

  • The 4-way adjustable arm supports the shoulder.
  • High weight capacity for all category users
  • Natural glide system technology for easy reclining.

What Should Improve? 

  • The gap between the seat and back seems long.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Chair After Back Surgery:

Having the right chair can help you avoid seeing a doctor or physical therapist for lumbar spine problems, sacroiliac joint problems, and other concerns, whether you work from home or in a formal office setting. Keep the following guidelines in mind as you shop for the best chair after back surgery.

Adjustable Height:

The chair’s height is very important, especially when you have hip surgery or surgery on your stomach. If the height is too low or too high, it may cause trouble while kneeling or reclining. So, the height must be adjustable so that you can easily set your chair according to post-surgery conditions to avoid overworking your arms, neck, back, and thighs.

Adjustable Backrest:

An ideal chair should have an adjustable backrest. It helps you to move the seat-back forward and backward so that your sitting position can be perfect. Because sitting too far forward or backward can cause strain on your thigh. 

Adjustable Armrest:

The armrest is an important consideration while buying a chair as it reduces strain from the neck and shoulder. Resting your elbows on the armrests allows you to relax the rest of your arms up to your shoulders. The armrests should ideally be adjustable, especially if you move your chair in and out of your desk. Fixed armrests obstruct the desk and compel you to stretch to reach it comfortably.   

Seat Depth:

Comfortable sitting and support on the back, depending on the depth of the seat. The seat depth (from front to back) must be sufficient for the user to sit with his or her back against the ergonomic office chair’s backrest while leaving roughly 2 to 4 inches between the back of the knees and the seat.

Back Support:

Our lower backs are concave, so a good chair will support this form by being convex. A curved backrest provides support, preventing you from dropping in your chair. This brace will help to protect your spine by reducing lumbar disk strain.

Chair back angle:

Your bottom should be placed against the back of your chair, which should be reclined at roughly a 100- to 110-degree angle. A cushion that causes your lower back to arch slightly should be there, allowing you to reduce the stress on your back and avoid slumping forward or slouching over time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Though back pain is a big issue to deal with and questions related to the back surgery are vast. Some of the very common ones we have tried to answer here.

1. How long can I sit after back surgery? 

Actually, it depends on what type of surgery you are having. But according to experts, one can sit for 20 minutes in a position after back surgery.

2. Is it OK to sit in a recliner after back surgery? 

Yes, it is absolutely ok to sit in a recliner after back surgery because it reduces the pressure on the back disc. And a recliner is comparatively more comfortable to sit on.

3. Which chair is good for upper back support? 

The chair that has lumbar back support is good for the upper back. It helps to keep the posture in line. 

4. What is the best angle for a chair back?

 100-110° is the best angle for a chair back. It helps to maintain a good connection with the backrest. 

5. Is a hard chair better for your back?

Yes, a hard chair is better for the back. It keeps the posture safe and reduces the possibility of back problems. 

Final Thought

Experts say that chairs that are ergonomic and comfortable can reduce back pain. It provides relief in muscle fatigue and reduces stress. So, the best chair after back surgery must have the features of proper seat design, height adjustment, adjustable backrest, customizable recline, and lumbar support. 

So, I suggest the Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair as it has a pneumatic adjustable height, proper seat design, ergonomic lumbar support, and up to 150 degrees recliner facility. So, Have a Relaxing Sitting Experience!

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