9 Best Desks For Video Editing In 2022 – Updated

If you are anything like me, you are probably confused about your next computer desk. Video editing requires a particular amount of space. Certain “Other” conveniences, such as… top-shelves, surely make your task easy.
I felt the need for something similar, and this inspired me to do a bit of digging around of my own. In turn, my research led me to some of the best desks for video editing. Then I thought, “Why to keep my findings only to me?” Hence, here I am! Sharing what I found with my readers.

I must tell you; these short reviews are reflections of my own experience and research. There’s a remote possibility that these tables won’t suit your taste. Don’t worry, I’ll be giving you the blueprint of my research. Yes, it’s a buying guide that answers all your questions and then some!

Before that, I’ll share my insights on some of the desk setup ideas I’ve experimented with in the recent past (with proper images, of course). Choose an idea that goes well with the product you buy, tweak it a bit (set it up according to your room), and you’ve got your workspace done!

Video Editing Desk Setup Ideas (With Images)

As I promised above, this section will deal with some of the home décor tips I experimented with when testing the video editing desks.

To be honest with you, I had fun while playing with these ideas. However, not “All” the ideas will suit your taste and budget. Feel free to juxtapose and come up with your own version of them if you like.

1. Basic video editing desk Setup with Low Budget

What you see in the image, is more of a basic set-up with no high-end extra accessories. Just place the 3 monitors (if you own that many) you will need and keep the desk clean. These 3 monitors will help you to check your progress while you go on with the editing process.

Basic video editing desk Setup with Low Budget

2. Serene Video Editing Desk Workstation if you Have the Budget for It

This set-up involves 3 primary monitors and one laptop. Placing your workstation near the window at one corner of your room gives a peaceful vibe.

I firmly believe, the work pressure never really affects the quality of progress. Having that laptop also enables you to work with voiceovers and add music if you have to.

Serene Video Editing Desk Workstation

3. Ultimate Video Editing Desk Workstation

Convenience takes the quality and output of a project up a notch. The contents of the ultimate workstation do just that. With 4 primary monitors on the desk and one big secondary monitor above, video editing is swift.

People can use each monitor for a particular purpose and check their progress on the big screen to ensure that they have every detail right.

I personally like this setup as it literally has everything on a single desk. I don’t even have to turn my chair toward anything as all I need are right in front of me.

Ultimate Video Editing Desk Workstation

These conveniently simple setups never fail to attract attention. Such a workstation inspires the motivation to sit and work here.

Which are Top-Rated Desks For Video Editing under Different Scenarios?

While choosing video editing workstations, you have to make sure the size is perfect for your room. The desk must be built with robust material as well. Most importantly, ensure that its surface has sufficient space and capacity to hold all of your accessories.

Keeping all these in mind while making a purchase is a hassle. Well, that’s why I’m here. I’ll be reviewing some of the best products in the business. For the busy bees out there, I’ve shortlisted them below as well.

  1. VIT 55 Inch Ergonomic Gaming Desk – Best all-in-one product you can have.
  2. Tribesigns 55-Inch Computer Desk – Best for designing.
  3. Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming-Desk – Best for a small space
  4. NOBLJX L-Shaped Corner Office Computer Desk – Best for accessibility options.
  5. SHW L-Shaped Home Office Wood Corner Desk – Best in terms of convenience.
  6. FURINNO Efficient Home Laptop Notebook Computer Desk – Best for amateurs
  7. Eden Bridge Designs Computer Desk – Best for multiple monitors
  8. Ameriwood Home Dakota L-Shaped Desk with Bookshelves – Best for office
  9. Furinno A Frame Computer, Study, Writing Desk – Best budget

Let’s take things up a notch ourselves. Let’s discuss the benefits, positives, and negatives of each product in the following section, shall we?

1. VIT 55 Inch Ergonomic Gaming Desk – Best all-in-one product you can have.

A full-time video editor will agree that the best computer desk for video editing is robust, spacious, and keeps the set-up clean.

Subtle features make a desk better than this. However, only some tables stand out at this point and the VIT Ergonomic Gaming Desk is one of them. What does it have? Well, everything I can ask for. Let me tell you what I mean.
First of all, this thing is a space-saver. The simple design with a compact size fits right in any corner of my room. And I think your room will have a place for it as well no matter where you live. As the name suggests, this VIT computer desk is 55 inches in length.

VIT 55 Inch Ergonomic Gaming Desk

The dimension of this sleek-looking table is 55” X 23” X 75”. So, you realize just how much concise this structure is. But how is it concise?

The structure is designed in such a way that I can fit everything I need. And as the table is not too large, I have everything within my reach. What I liked most about its design is the fact that it covered all the necessary points.
There is no bottom rack, and I don’t think you actually need one to place your CPU. Placing the CPU on the floor is pretty much the same deal. Such racks only increase the weight of desks.

Apart from this, there is a headphone hanger and a cup holder. I loved the positioning of these hangers. The cup holder is set at one corner of the table, which was near my reach but not close enough for me to spill my coffee.
Add to that, the headphone hanger is located under the table. This is a good position because this way you are saving a lot of space while having everything literally near your grasp.

It doesn’t end here.

There are a few USB charging ports on the right side of the table. You can charge up to two devices with it. I found this very useful because I could do my research while working, attend important calls, and communicate with others without worrying about the charge.

As this is a gaming desk as well, there is a handle rack for consoles. Overall, once I have set everything up, I didn’t have to get up to grab anything as everything was right here from my phone to my coffee.

The sturdy PVC material is supported by a robust steel frame. I had no problem placing my mouse, keyboard, monitor, soundbox, and many more little things on it.

There was not even a bit of flex or wobble when I placed my CPU on it at first. Yes, it can hold up to 120 KG without any difficulty. You can probably even sit on it!

Nevertheless, the price can be expensive for most people. Given the design and features, this was bound to be expensive. I think the USB connectivity/console-hanger is the reason behind its price.

VIT Gaming Desk only comes in one color, red and black. But this does not look bad at all and will definitely go along with any type of room. Overall, I would recommend this desk to you if you can afford it. It may not be a steal, but it’s a great product.

2. Tribesigns 55-Inch Computer Desk – Best for designing.

I know many video editors who feel comfortable working with two monitors. Though I personally need three, having two monitors is also a convenient option.

If you are one of these people, then this Tribesigns computer desk is what you need. Apart from having proper space for two monitors and more, there are some useful features as well.

Tribesigns 55-Inch Computer Desk

But the first thing I would like to reflect upon is the number of shelves on this desk. There is a total of 3 hutch shelves, one located at the top and two at the bottom on either side.

This arrangement keeps accessories such as the CPU above the ground. As a result, the CPU doesn’t attract much dirt. On the other side of the bottom, there is enough space to place a printer or scanners. Hence, I could fit whatever I want on this desk.

The 55” X 24” dimension of the desk is perfect for the corner of a room. And as there is enough space for every necessary item from pen-holder to the printer.

I had no problem moving my hands freely on the table. Any and all type of keyboard and mouse will easily fit on the surface.

However, this is not all! With a cup holder and headset stand on the right and free space on the left, you can put a lot of stuff you need. Its design is made for that.

The elevated hutch shelf for monitors is my favorite part of this desk. The height of this monitor stand is 30” from the ground. This positioning holds your monitor to eye level. I felt that this is the perfect spot for a comfortable viewing experience.

The 55” space of this stand is sufficient for two monitors as well. In addition, there is a space of 4.33” right beneath the monitor desk. I could easily fit my sound boxes, bobbleheads, and even a tiny plant. As it is right beneath the monitor desk, it never obstructs your movement.

Build material of the Tribesigns is durable and strong. The 0.71” thick board has a powder-coated finish. I think this material will easily last up to at least 5 years.

The metal tube frames made the whole structure stronger. This made the structure very stable. The 4 adjustable feet at the bottom firmly sit on any type of floor on its own. I didn’t notice the slightest wobble, and that was impressive.
As for weight capacity, there is nothing much to say except it will bear whatever you place on it. I have placed two monitors on this desk. In addition, to other essential accessories such as the keyboard and headset, I arranged books and magazines right under the monitor desk.

With the CPU at one side of the bottom and the printer on the other side, I put a lot of downward pressure, this much I could tell. But it was not apparent by its look. There was literally no flex, nor was there any sign of bend.
Despite having excessive weight on the side of the CPU, the whole table remained as stable as when it was empty. Hence, I am confident that there won’t be a scarcity of space with this desk.

However, this product was not delivered to me in one piece. I had to assemble it, and this might be annoying to some. I was annoyed at first as well, to be honest. Once I set to assembling it, I had so much fun. It was very detailed yet so simple that I had the satisfaction of achievement.

I think it can be a good experience for many creative professionals like me. The price is affordable too, considering the design and all. So, give it a try if you work with tons of stuff and don’t mind enjoying the fun of easy assembly.

3. Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming-Desk – Best for a small space

The demand for simple and spacious desks is growing day by day. Video editors living in a small apartment feel the need for such a table that will have the capacity to hold a lot of things but won’t take up much space.

It sounds as if I am talking about something magical. But I wanted something similar for myself, and fortunately, I stumbled upon this Atlantic desk.

Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming-Desk Pro

The overall size of the Atlantic gaming desk pro is just perfect for your house. I had no problem placing it in one corner of the room. It fit there perfectly as it would anywhere else. The 36.5 x 23.5 x 40 inches dimension has made it this impossibly compact.

This compactness doesn’t affect the space of the desk at all. The 40-inch table surface is enough to place any keyboard and mouse. I found no obstructions on the table. Even the monitor stand was positioned 6.75 inches from the table surface.

Given the height of the whole desk, I think the monitor was in perfect position. And in case you are wondering, I had no problem placing a massive 32-inch monitor on the 21 inches long elevated shelve.

People can keep other accessories here as well. There is enough room for everything from their headphone, can of coke to consoles and disks. This is the part I personally likes the most. A CD holder with 4 slots was attached to either side of the table.

On the left, there is a cup holder while on the right there is a headphone stand. What’s so likable about this is the fact that these stands and holders are an extension of the desk.

They are not on your workstation’s surface. I was worried at first about the durability of these stands but soon found out I can even place soundboxes on top of each CD holder without any difficulty. This desk surely does make a lot of use of its space.

A frame is positioned right beneath the table surface. It’s 23 inches long and 9 inches in width. I put my keyboards in this position when I had my laptop on the desk. And since then, my workstation didn’t change.

Having the keyboard at the frame beneath the table is just so convenient. It not only gives you space to place a laptop, but it also gives you a comfortable typing experience with the keyboard positioned a bit below. I had no problem viewing my primary monitor when I had my laptop on the table because, as I said earlier, the elevated monitor desk height it just perfect.

There is an option to place another screen on the left side of the desk. There is a mobile/tablet stand. I found it compatible with most screen sizes. As a video editor, I think it can be very helpful to have a tablet-sized screen for certain small tasks such as music adjustments.

The weight of only 40 pounds makes it movable. I was able to pick it right up and change its position to find my sweet spot. But this lightweight table does come at a cost. It is not that sturdy, so it’s better if you don’t put too much pressure on the desk.

However, I had no problem placing the basic stuff on this table. And as the price is less than $200, I found no scope to complain.

4. NOBLJX L-Shaped Corner Office Computer Desk – Best for accessibility options.

Since we all started attending working from home, I have discovered certain things that add a lot to my day-to-day convenience. An L-shaped computer desk is one such thing.

This type of table is very popular nowadays, and I prefer to do most of my video editing on my NOBLJX L-shaped computer desk. Why? Because it gives a professional feeling to what I do.

NOBLJX L-Shaped Corner Office Computer Desk

The most amazing thing about an L-shaped table is its compact size. Though these desks tend to occupy more length, the narrow width and normal height make the table suitable for any corner of a room. The 58” X 18” X 29” dimension is just the perfect size for all of your stuff.

I prefer this arrangement because I place each screen side by side. The wide length and concise width of L-shaped desks allow me to do that.

L-shaped tables are basically two tables attached together. In the case of NOBLJX, one table is 37” while the other one is 25”. This size was perfect for my one 32inch monitor, 14-inch laptop, keyboard, and mouse.

On the right-side table, there was sufficient space for other accessories such as my headphone, pens, and notebooks. As everything was literally on the table, I didn’t have to reach out for things. Turning around on my spinning chair gave me access to the stuff I needed.

The build material is fiberboard. There is melamine and veneer as well. All of these materials are durable and environment-friendly.

I found this material sturdy as well. Its 100kg weight capacity held my monitor, CPU, laptop, and lots of other accessories with zero flex and wobbling.

The leg pads under each leg adjust its position on any surface. Overall, unless you are planning to keep something more than your video editing accessories, the NOBLJX will securely hold on to anything and anywhere.
A unique thing about this table is its multi-function use. I somewhat discovered by accident that you can turn this L-sized table into a single table.

A small table serves as a “Connector” to the entire structure. Once I removed one side from the middle table, I was left with two desks. However, you can only use the table attached to the middle one because of the common stand.
This feature was handy when I was doing my final edit. Turning the desk into one table gave me a minimalistic environment. It helps me focus on the final touchup.

Unfortunately, there is no cup holder, no headphone stands. Nor are there any shelves. But as the height of the table is 30 inches, the monitor actually remains at eye level. And given the affordable price, I think the absence of certain stands is considerable.

5. SHW L-Shaped Home Office Wood Corner Desk – Best in terms of convenience.

As I have just discussed, L-shaped computer desks are convenient and comfortable to use. And some of these tables provide more than you need.

This is what I felt with the SHW L-shaped wood desk. The design, the size, and the extra shelves seemed stunning to me. Most importantly, I was hooked by its look.

SHW L-Shaped Home Office Wood Corner Desk

The space on this desk is just huge. Its 51” X 19.7” X 28.3” dimension can take on a lot, mainly because of its shape. At first, I tried out the desk with my laptop. Hence, I realized… it is possible to fit up to five 14-inch laptops on this desk.
As for desktop monitors, I think it can give space to at least 3 monitors. Many professional video editorsneed 3 monitors for different purposes. This SHW desk can be a good option for them.

This model has different space options. Two shelves on the right side of the desk have sufficient space to accommodate a set of speakers. In addition, it has enough room for my coffee, headphone, microphone, and loudspeakers.

These shelves are right there. I didn’t have to bend down to grab my stuff from there. The 28-inch space beneath the surface of the table seemed like the perfect spot for the CPU. So, I placed my CPU there and discovered you can fit a whole lot more stuff in that position.

The L-shape of this desk is a bit compressed, and this is good. L-shaped tables tend to be a bit bigger in length. But this one is only 51”. I found this very convenient because the short length kept both sides of the table near the center.
I didn’t even have to move to access another side. It was all within my grasp and eyeshot. Busy people like me will definitely like this structure.

Now let’s talk about the design. Well, I just loved it. It’s simple, it’s useful, it’s compact, and its color quality is amazing. Moreover, it comes in 3 different colors: Espresso, Oak, and Walnut. Each natural material has its own texture and touch.

SHW felt very soothing to me for some reason. So, what’s not to like? Apart from its convenient design, the overall outlook helped me relax while working well. And this, I think, will be helpful for many other video editors as well.
SHW will ship the table to your house and will even set it up for you if you want. But I didn’t need them. The instructions were so clear and detailed that I ended up assembling the whole table in less than half an hour.
I won’t take the credit for it because I literally didn’t have to do anything except for following the manual. It was an exciting and satisfying process.

The price point was surprising as well. I didn’t expect this desk to be within my budget range. Trust me, anyone can afford it. Though the material of the whole desk could’ve been sturdier, I can’t complain about it at this price. Outlook of this desk alone makes the purchase worth it.

6. FURINNO Efficient Home Laptop Notebook Computer Desk – Best for amateurs

Furinno brand is renowned for making the best desks for video editing at a reasonable price. In my experience, cheap computer desks tend to be flimsy and simply a desk.

I have seen many computer tables under $50 that are only a surface with four legs. Surprisingly this FURINNO desk was not like that. Yes, its price is under $50. But it manages to bring a more precious satisfaction.

The FURINNO efficient home computer desk is suitable for amateur video editors. Why do I think that? Well, there are several reasons behind it. For the starter, it has space for a single monitor, preferably under 28”. When I started video editing, I used to do it on a 20” monitor.

FURINNO Efficient Home Laptop Notebook Computer Desk

This helped me learn the process properly and allowed me to start the profession with minimum investment. To be honest, I don’t think any beginner video editor needs more than one display, and this desk gives space for just that.
This desk is compact with the dimension of 39.6” x 15.5” x 33.6”. I had no problem squeezing it in the narrow space between my bed and window. Under the desk surface, there is 29” of space which was enough to place my CPU and stretch out my legs.

The 29” height for the monitor gave the perfect viewing position and experience as well. The angle was fine with a desktop monitor. Though I had to bend my head a bit to look at my laptop display, that was not much of an issue.
On the right, there is enough room for drinks, plants, books, CDs, and other accessories. Overall, there are three desks. The bottom one is 17”, which means it’s a perfect position to place the sound system. The middle shelves held my headphone, books, and keys. And finally, the top surface of 15.6” X 11.7” held my plants and console. This amount of space is enough I guess. What more can a beginner need!

The build material of this FURINNO desk is just amazing. The quality and texture of the material don’t feel cheap at all. Once perfectly assembled, the table is sturdy and was perfectly stable on my room’s floor.

I got proof of its durability when I placed my 4 KG monitor on it and found no sign of bend.

This sturdy material comes in 8 different colors: black/grey, Columbia walnut/brown, dark walnut, Americano/ black, Espresso/ black, light cherry/ black, Sonoma oak/ white, and French oak grey/black.

I personally liked the Americano/ black because of its sleek texture. And I think it’s suitable for any type of background.
However, I had a little problem with assembling the whole desk. The manual was not that much clear. It took me more than an hour to figure it all out. And I missed a headphone hanger.

I think there was enough space for it at the bottom of 2nd stand. That would’ve made this desk just perfect. But I won’t complain because of the price point. Cheap, robust, durable, and sufficiently spacious is everything an amateur video editor can ask for. For beginners,

I don’t think there is a better option out there when as far as best desks for video editing are concerned.

7. Eden Bridge Designs Computer Desk – Best for multiple monitors

I don’t need to repeat the usefulness of L-shaped computer desks. You already know how amazing they can be. It gives me lots of room and the utmost flexibility I need while working on video editing. But there’s something better than this.

Sounds too appealing?

The Eden bridge designs computer desk is exactly that. Creative professionals who are used to working with multiple devices will find it very useful.

Eden Bridge Designs Computer Desk

The most amazing thing about this desk is its compatibility. Usually, L-shaped desks allow you to detach the tables and use them individually. This is a bit different because it offers more. I had no problem detaching the tables. It was a smooth process.

Once I detached the tables, they all were sturdy and stable on their own. Each of the tables was 31” in length and the middle joining point was 19”. I had no trouble placing 3 big monitors on this surface. In fact, there were rooms left for my headphones and consoles.

The 25” height of this desk gives you a good viewing angle. I didn’t have to struggle to get a good view of the display and I think it’s a crucial advantage for video editors.

In addition to that, the keyboard positioning was good as well. There is a 20” long tray under the table surface, perfect for any keyboard you might need.

This also gave me space to put my hands on the table and move my mouse freely. Unfortunately, the keyboard tray is only on one side of the desk.

I wish they had added this feature on both tables. But this was not much of a problem because video editing doesn’t actually have much use of keyboards.

This table comes with a 9” X 12” CPU stand, and I was very happy with it. Though it might seem like an insignificant item, in reality, it is very useful. My CPU smoothly fit on it, and it was perfectly levitated from the ground. The adjustable pads under this stand kept my CPU steady.

There are adjustable pads beneath the table’s legs as well. So, no matter where I placed it, the desk was stably set.
Though there are 3 pieces of tables on these desks, you can add another table if you want. I discovered this while I was browsing around in the Eden Bridge Designs store.

This individual desk has a similar length and width to the main desk. So, I ordered it, and once it arrived, I placed it along with the primary desk, and it was perfectly aligned. With only a bit more expenditure, I transformed my L-shaped desk into a more useful U-shaped one.

As it gave enough space to add another additional monitor, I would say this extension, along with the whole desk, is worth every penny.

Overall, this Eden Bridge desk offers a lot. The sturdy, stable design, the extra CPU stand, and the convenience of using 1 to 4 desktop monitors simultaneously are not very common. Professional video editors will surely find this very useful.

Even the overall cost is less than $200. So, it’s definitely a steal. However, as it’s a big desk, it takes up a lot of space as well. So before purchasing this table, make sure your room can accommodate this marvelous workstation.

8. Ameriwood Home Dakota L-Shaped Desk with Bookshelves – Best for office

Ameriwood desk is the type of desk usually seen in an official environment. Its outlook and structure have a professional vibe. The plethora of space options and the tremendous surface area gave me maximum satisfaction while working.

Though I could use it at home, I think it is better suited for your office. Let me tell you why.
First of all, its structure seemed very classy and attractive to me. Its 28” height positions the monitor in just the sweet spot for perfect viewing.

Ameriwood Home Dakota L-Shaped Desk with Bookshelves

One side of the table is 51” long while the other one is 53”. I like this option quite a lot because it allows you to use any number of monitors you want. Up to 3 monitors will easily fit on these surfaces.

However, when I was using one desktop or two laptops, I could focus on a particular side of the desk.

This Ameriwood table is a computer desk with bookshelves. There are two racks attached to the right-side table. Its 15” X 16” dimension gives enough room for essential accessories. My printer and scanner fit perfectly in this space.

Its capacity of 35 pounds is adequate for all the equipment I normally use. And they are literally right there. I can just stretch my hand to access these tools. So, you can arrange these shelves with whatever you want and make them use the way you prefer.

I used this desk for more than my monitors. Primarily, I placed my CPU on it along with two 32” monitors. Though there is a 28” space under the table for you to set your CPU, putting it on the table is also an option.
The weight capacity of 100 pounds and total dimension of 80” always had place for more no matter how much stuff I put on it.

Cable management is effortless with this desk. I found two grommets built in this table. One of these holes is placed on the left corner of the desk, and another one is on the middle point.

This positioning seemed really convenient to me. Whether I use one desk or three, I always had a grommet nearby for managing my cords. As a result of this, my desk always looked clean. This also helps me relax while working.

Another eye-catching part of this desk is its build material. The laminated particleboard and the medium-density fiberboard give this structure an elegant look. Moreover, there 4 different types of texture to choose from. There are Dove Gray, Rustic Oak, White, and Black Oak.

I personally prefer the Black Oak one because it goes with all types of home décor options. However, all these desks look really expensive. But I was amazed to know that this is affordable for anyone with a mid-range budget.

The only thing that upset me about this beautiful desk was its assembling. I couldn’t do it alone, so I had to call up a friend of mine for help. Though it was straightforward when we both tried to set it up, I like to have the option of assembling my desks all by myself.

However, given the dimension and weight/space capacity, I don’t think I should whine about it. Besides, it comes with one year of warranty. Overall, it’s perfect for an office.

9. Furinno A Frame Computer, Study, Writing Desk – Best budget

Simple computer desks are hard to find. Yet many people, including me, feel the need for a plain table for the work environment. After a lot of research for the best minimalistic table for video editing, I found this Furinno computer desk.

Just as I expected, this desk helped me focus more on my work with calmness. How? Let me explain.
A dimension of 31.5” X 35.5” X 18” is not a massive one. But it’s enough for a single large monitor. And working with such a screen is easy for many video editors. Though I found the monitor’s desk higher than, it wasn’t much of an issue with my high-res computer display.

Furinno A Frame Computer, Study, Writing Desk

Besides, the monitor desk was closer to my sitting position. So I didn’t really have to struggle with the viewing angle of the monitor. The main desk was spacious enough for my keyboard and mouse. And the space under the monitor rack was ample for me to move my mouse around.The E1 grade composition wood makes this table durable and strong. I can tell from my experience that its firm construction will last for decades. And so would its beautiful oak finish.

The glossy look is really easy to clean. I would just give it a wipe, and all the signs of dust will just vanish. In addition, it would sit anywhere I put it. This compactness came with a weight of only 10lbs. Moving it around was as easy as pushing a chair.

At the bottom of the table, there is a 7-inch-wide foot stand. I liked this part because resting my foot on it was relaxing. Its smooth surface was pleasing, and it certainly relieved me from the momentary tiredness while working.
The foot stand was very convenient and sturdy as well. And due to its durability, it doubles as a CPU stand. These little details made the desk appealing overall.

It goes without saying that this attractive desk is not for everyone. It is not possible to place lots of accessories on it, but I think that’s the point of this table. This Furinno desk is designed for simplicity. The less item you will have around, the more focused you will be. And I could enjoy this benefit of this it with the desk. Lastly, my satisfaction was complete for its price point. It literally costs less than a bottle of champagne. So if you are looking for a simple, durable desk within your budget, then this is the one.

These are the 9 best desks for video editing available in the market right now. Anyone with a clear idea of what they are looking for will surely find their video-editing companion in this list.

Frequently Asked Questions!

To be honest with you, I’ve given this article my all in these short reviews. Yet, my readers might have some questions about setting up standing desks for video editing. Hence, I’ll be attempting to answer some of them in this segment. Of course, I’ll be updating things with new questions!

How To Take Care of Your Computer Desk?

Taking care of your computer desk is simple, yet it can keep your table usable for years to come. There are a few things that can ensure a properly clean computer desk. Here they are,

  • Keep the necessary things at your arm’s length.
  • Don’t keep mugs, plates, or bowls of food directly on the table.
  • Try to wipe the whole table with a dry piece of fabric at least once a week.
  • Avoid placing unnecessary heavy things (e.g. big plant pot) on the table.
  • Never use chemicals to clean the table.

These few things can keep your computer desk in pristine condition.

Where Should You Position Your Computer Desk?

As a video editor, I think it’s best to position your computer desk in front of a window. This allows you to perceive whatever’s on the monitor clearly while accessing natural light.

However, if there are always distractions on the other side of the window, place your desk facing a wall. This will help you to focus better.

What Is the Benefit of L Shaped Desk?

L-shaped desks are convenient for those who work with a lot of accessories at once. It basically compresses a big desk into a smaller space. Apart from this, with an L shaped desk, you are getting,

  • Free space
  • Everything near your rich
  • Easy to organize

In addition, it comes at a lower price.

Which Computer Desk Is Best for Multiple Monitors?

SHW L-Shaped Home Office Wood Corner Desk is the best desk for multiple monitors. Its dimension of 51″ W x 19.7″ D x 28.3 ” H has an overall depth of 51”. It means the surface of this table can easily fit 3 computers. By its look, I can tell that there won’t be any problem placing 5 laptops here as well.

Can You Make a Computer Desk at A Cheaper Cost?

Yeah, sure you can make a computer desk at any price you demand. But the quality and durability will not be as satisfying. There is the hassle of designing, collecting materials, and building the whole structure as well. Overall, I prefer purchasing a computer desk over building one.

Final Verdict

In my experience, the best desks for video editing give you convenience, comfort, and compatibility. The desks enlisted in this article have these three features in common.

Their other traits are suitable for a specific type of user like you. The table that suits your needs can make a difficult task like video editing; a bit relaxing.

The spacious surface will allow you to place multiple monitors, drawers will help you to keep necessary accessories right under your palm, and the top-grade quality will keep the desk by your side for decades. So, choose a desk and continue your work with ease.

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