5 Best Wheelchair Cushions For Pressure Relief 2020

Having a cushion as support is the right decision. When a wheelchair is your, all-day company cushions become mandatory. Prolonged time sitting causes discomforts like back pain, backpressure, and spinal injuries. This guide can help to get rid of these covering some best wheelchair cushions for pressure relief.

Best Wheelchair Cushions For Pressure Relief

Seat cushions come in a variety. So we will give a summary of various types of cushions at the bottom. There are some issues you have to take into account before making decisions as well. We will also discuss them later precisely. Now let’s move to the main discussion.

Best Wheelchair Cushions For Pressure Relief

Since all types of cushions play different roles and cost differently, we pick five cushions from every side. This is because you can go to the one that suits you best. Another point is seat cushions for special purposes need a discreet evaluation. So remember that the pillow you have on the bed and the cushions on your couch is not the thing you want on your chair.  

1. Xtreme Comforts Large Seat Cushion with Carry Handle

Our first shortlisted one is XF Extra Large Cushion from Xtreme Comfort. This Cushion possesses everything you need in one pack.

5 Best Wheelchair Cushions For Pressure Relief 2020 1

It comes with a distinctive size and standard look. The two-layer foam system keeps its shape unchangeable even after extensive use. Having a larger size than others, it makes you facilitated in many ways. It fits with any standard size wheelchair. So here you get more coverage to get rid of the spinal cord injuries or pressures sores. It includes a carry handle. Now are free to make it your all-time company. It comes with a high-quality removable fabric made the cover. So no more worry about washing it.

It is well incorporated and provides very fir support to keep your body contour in order. The anti-slip layer won’t let happen any unexpected. So you are safe and assured with all the comfort when you have it in your wheelchair.


  • It comes with a tow layer foaming system that keeps the shape unchangeable
  • The anti-slip high-quality fabric made cover is removable and washable
  • The extra size provides more comprehensive coverage and enhances the support
  • It is very effective in removing back pain back pressure and other spinal cord injuries associated with prolonged sitting.
  • Durable and long-lasting.

2. Vive Wheelchair Cushion – Gel Seat Pad for Coccyx, Orthopedic Back Support

Vive is dominating the market currently. If you are in search of cushions for a couple of months, you might hear the name. This Xtra comfort series is one of their best selling cushions indeed.

5 Best Wheelchair Cushions For Pressure Relief 2020 2

This Cushion leaves nothing to include becoming your first choice. You are suffering from backpressure for sitting in your wheelchair for almost the whole day. Then it is there to help you with this. It is not incorporated with pad or foam but with liquid gel. The dynamic fluid in the core keeps the balance of the pressure you put your bottom. When the pressure is adequately distributed across the body, there is a little chance to have any back pain or spinal injuries.

Thanks for the four-layer of incorporation. The cover on the second layer includes soft and luxurious high fabric and 100% water resistant capacity. The 2nd and 3rd layers are comfortable, supportive foam sealed with water-resistant capacity on the 4th layer. The final layer is the dynamic gel in the core protected with three upper layers that confirm the ultimate support and comfort.


  • The four-layer construction is a peace of mind. The dynamic gel in the core protected with three upper layers confirms the ultimate comfort and support.
  • Waterproof cover and foam ensure safety in the fullest sense. The cover includes luxurious high fabric with a decent look.
  • The dynamic gel in the core distributes the body pressure evenly across the body. So the pressure on the bottom of the body causes no discomforts like back pain and other spinal injuries.
  • It fits any standard size wheelchair, and office chair at the same time comes in a portable size to be your all-time company anywhere.
  • Sixty days money-back guarantee confirms its durability in the fullest sense.

3. Essential Medical Supply Fleece Covered Wheelchair Cushion

This is undoubtedly one of the best wheelchair cushions for spinal cord injury. Straightly saying the only way you can make the best use of it is to place it in your wheelchair.

5 Best Wheelchair Cushions For Pressure Relief 2020 3

It combines the soft luxurious, breathable cotton cover and the thick foam in a way that is perfect for removing backpressure. The foam comes with a duplex foam layer. The first layer is to reinforce the core foam. The heavy-duty cotton cover on these layers ensures the ultimate protection of the supportive foam.

The unique part is the soft fleece top on the cover. This means the shape will remain the same no matter how long you use it. The weight and pressure gain the bottom part of the body for different sitting postures have no chance to cause any unexpected. It comes in a portable size and designed to fit with any chair. Also, you can make your public transport journey a luxurious one placing the Cushion on the seat.


  • It is well organized and includes almost every options to ensure the ultimate support and comfort
  • It includes a soft and luxurious cotton fleece machine washable cover. The cover also contains the breathing options to reduce the back sweating.
  • This dense and heavyweight Cushion includes a duplex foam layering system that includes two soft and thick foaming comfort and support.
  • It also comes with a universal size and fits with any standard size wheelchair. It also ideal for being used with office chairs, transport seats, and an optimal size chair.
  • It is long-lasting and comes with a very lucrative look as well.

4. Kieba Coccyx seat cushion

These all-purpose cushions make your investment worthy indeed. It accommodates all the required options very organized way. It confirms the ultimate ease and comfort, demanding a decent price tag.

5 Best Wheelchair Cushions For Pressure Relief 2020 4

It is unique in terms of shape. You are going to love its ‘U’ shaped smart design. The high-grade memory foam is very effective in removing anything negative associated with prolonged sitting. The foam is soft at the same time, soft. The high-quality fabric made cover confirms not only the comfort but the protection of the core foam also. The cover is breathable helps you to get rid of sore and bruise caused by back seating.

It keeps the body pressure-balanced and provides extra support in any sitting postures. The anti-slip bottom keeps the Cushion in place firmly. Its optimal size makes its fit for everywhere use like an office chair, car seat plane seat besides wheelchairs. It properly keeps the spine alignment, so back pain for prolonged seating has no chance.


  • It comes with a unique design and ‘U’ shape look, including a universal fit dimension.
  • The superior grade high-quality memory foam effectively removes spinal cord injuries
  • The cover includes rear zipper which means it is removable and entirely washable
  • The anti-slip bottom keeps the cushion in place. So it provides support firmly and evenly.
  • Its ergonomic incorporation of every component ensures the effective protest against back pain, spinal cord injuries, back pressures, and other prolonged sitting discomforts.
  • It is portable and possesses a lucrative design
  • It includes thick and dense memory foam yet comfortably portable.

5. Vive cushion gel seat

Another best wheelchair cushions for pressure sores from Vive. Like the previous one, this Cushion also worth for invest with the four-layer combination.

5 Best Wheelchair Cushions For Pressure Relief 2020 2

The liquid gel in the core protected with three upper layers is its specialty. Moreover, from the cover to the liquid fluid, it focuses on ensuring the best comfort for the users. The luxurious high quality waterproof soft to touch cover protects the supportive foam. The supportive foam is on the blockage foam placed perfectly to add extra support. The blockage foam, however, blocks the entrance of the fluid to the foam cushion as it is 100 % waterproof. The gel in the core then distributes the body pressure evenly throughout the body. That means you are safe from having any unexpected trouble on a particular part of your body.  

It promotes the healthy sitting postures and confirms the spine alignment orderly. Thus it removes the prolonged sitting discomforts and increases the ultimate support and comfort. It is comparatively smaller than the previous one yet fit with any standard size wheelchair. The cover is removable and machine washable.


  • Its four-layered foaming and gel combination confirms highest comfort and ease
  • Waterproof cover and foaming protects the core gel and keeps it separate from the foam
  • It promotes healthy sitting postures and distributes the body pressure evenly. Thus it fights against prolonged sitting discomforts like sciatica, bruise, back pain, tension, and other spinal cords injuries.
  • The cover is removable and fully machine washable
  • It comes with optimal size and fits for everywhere use.
  • Sixty days money-back guarantee confirms its durability.   

Types of seat cushions

There are different types of seat cushions available in the market. Having a discreet idea on them is an advantage for sure. Because they have their individual options and features. To make your investment worthy now let us have an overview of them.

The most common types of wheelchair cushions are discussed below:


Cushions with memory foam are very common. They are available with a standard price range. 

 Cushion use to come with several layers. 

Generally, supportive foam protects the core foam form any unexpected. High-quality foam not only increases ease and comfort but removes the issues associated with prolonged sitting. There are two types of foam commonly used in most of the models: polyfoam and memory foam. Foamed cushions offer easy maintenance and come with a lightweight.   


 Cushions incorporated with a huge number of cells or sacks holding adequate air are called air cushions.

They are a recent addition in the realm of seat cushions. 

The foremost advantage of this type of Cushion is its excellent weight distribution. But they are a bit costly. The maintenance is also complex. Sometimes you have to pump the Cushion to fill it with air. They provide super comforts yet have less stability.

Gel wheelchair cushions

The very new addition and probably the most famous one. The gel wheelchair cushions are those accommodated with foam and liquid gel together.

The gel remains inserted in the core with waterproof foam layered protection. The liquid gel distributes body weight better than any other type of cushion. It promotes healthy sitting postures and increases stability. Being protected with more than one layer of other components, it can confirm the ultimate comfort and support. The gel keeps cool the seat and erases back sweating and another prolonged sitting discomfort. However, it costs a bit more than others.

Things should take into account before making decisions

There are some basic things you have to consider before purchasing seat cushions. These factors are briefly described below:


Cover is a must check before buying a cushion. If the cover is polyester or other low-quality fabric, it will not be able to protect the core components.

It does not matter how rich the core component when you get a low-quality cover. Because when the surface itself causes discomfort, the rich inner components will make no sense. Furthermore, a removable and washable cover should be preferable.

Anti-slipping capability: You must check whether the Cushion remains firm on the seat. If the Cushion slips after sitting, then you know what that means. So, you must be assured of stability.


After a particular time period, most of the low-quality cushions lost their shape.

It is because they don’t accommodate with high-quality components. Make sure that your Cushion will not lose its shape even after extensive use.


Cushion size is another important thing to consider. You must know that there is a difference between Cushion and pillow. 

Here you need a cushion not a pillow. So optimal size should be preferable. Each Cushion reviewed here has a universal size and fits office chair, car seat, and plan seat besides wheelchair. Also, make sure that your Cushion is portable.

Which would be preferable, gel, or foam?

Thanks for the query, sir. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Foamed cushions are very basic kinds of cushions and very affordable. On the other hand, the liquid gel is a very new addition. Both are excellent in providing ease and comfort.

Can I wash the seat cover?

Yes, sir, you can. All the cushions reviewed here include removable and fully machine washable cushion cover. So you don’t have to be worried about cleaning.

What if I am not satisfied with the quality after purchasing and using?

sir, all the products we include here are guaranteed in terms of quality. If still, you have the confusion, then go for any of the two from vive. You are facilitated 60 days money-back guarantee with them.  

Final words

All these shortlisted best wheelchairs for spinal cord injuries are well researched. So you will not regret purchasing any of these. If you want us to recommend, we would say each one is worth to invest. 

If you still want us to be more specific, then we would like to suggest ‘Vive wheelchair Cushion Xtra-comfort Series.’ It will be your worthy investment for sure.  

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