How to Clean Chair Cushion

Who does not want to have a gorgeous chair cushion! But its charm may fade away by times. To get the appeal back, you need to clean the chair cushion. You might not be familiar with the process of chair cushion cleaning. The materials of all types of chair cushions are not the same. So, the cleaning procedures are also different from one to another material type.

How to Clean Chair Cushion – All Types

How to Clean Chair Cushion

Here we are to help you to know how to clean chair cushion. You may want to get specific information about the cleaning process of the office chair cushion. It is almost all the same. So, this writing also covers how to clean office chair cushion. You can clean your chair cushion by following ways:

1) Vacuum cleaning

Using a vacuum cleaner is the easiest way to clean your chair cushion. You can find a vacuum cleaner with an attachment to upholstery. A vacuum cleaner can clean the furs, dirt, and stains from your chair cushion. For this process, it would be convenient if your cushion material is fabric. There are also handheld vacuum cleaners which are flexible to use. It takes less time to clean the chair cushion. You need to vacuum from top to bottom of the cushion. After vacuuming the cushion, you can wipe it with a wet sponge. Then spray air freshener to have a pleasant smell from your cushion. 

2. Steam cleaning

You might not be satisfied using vacuum cleaning in some cases. Your chair cushion may so much dirty, and it smells terrible. You can get rid of this type of situation by steam cleaning. It is a useful cleaning process for any fabric made furniture cover. The steam cleaner is expensive. So, better you can hire it from the hardwire shops nearby. But if you have enough money, you can spend on it. 

You need to do vacuum cleaning before cleaning it with steam. Then you have to prepare your steam cleaner. Take some water and soap to the machine container and mix them up. After a while, spray it to your chair cushion. Your chair cushion will get damped after finishing the steam cleaning. So, you need it up. You can do this with an air blower or a normal fan. Direct sunlight would also not be a bad idea. Once the process is done, you can see the result. You might be happy to see your chair cushion as like a new one. 

3. Cleaning stains

Stains are a little bit tricky to get removed. It is tough to remove them in the usual way. So, here are some useful tricks that can solve this problem. 

Ink stains:

Inks stains make the chair cushion looks so bad. You can use rubbing alcohol to remove it. 90% rubbing alcohol will make the result in this result. You need to use it immediately after getting stained by ink. The vinegar could be a good alternative to rubbing alcohol. Mix it with soap and water, and wipe to the stains with a clean cloth. 

Oily stain:

You can remove an oily stain with cornstarch. Just sprinkle it to the cushion and wait for at least 15 minutes. Then use a wet cloth to wipe it out.

Chewing gum:

It would be very disgusting when you see chewing gum lies on your chair cushion. You might try to remove it as soon as possible. Put some ice on the chewing gum attached area and wait until it gets freeze. Then remove it with a hard thing like a spoon. 

Here is an important thing to mention. If your cushion cover is not made of linen or cotton, you need to solve it differently. The materials of your cushion cover might be leather, silk, or vinyl. In that case, remove the stains through dry cleaning. If your cushion cover is expensive, then think about doing this by a professional cleaner. 

How to clean microfiber chair cushion

Microfiber chair cushion is trendy nowadays. It is different from other upholstery materials. The cleaning process of microfiber chair cushion is an easy task. But you have to know the cleaning codes first. You may find these codes in the tag. The codes are interpreted below:

W – You can clean it with a water-based cleaning solution.

S – You can clean it with a solvent-based cleaning solution. 

S-W – You can clean it with both types of cleaning solutions.

X – You should not use any cleaning solution rather vacuum cleaning. 

If there is no code mentioned, then it is better to consider it as a solvent-based cleaner. There are lots of water-based cleaner in the market. You can also find a solvent-based cleaner, which is mainly rubbing cleaner. Put the rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle. Then spray it to the overall areas of the chair cushion. Now clean it with a washcloth. Take a soft scrub brush to rub the fibres. The rubbing will soften the fibre. 

How to clean Papasan chair cushion

There are several ways to clean papas a chair cushion. You can try vacuum cleaning, which we have already mentioned before. You can also do the cleaning with the water-based solution. At first, mix up an upholstery shampoo with proper-measured hot water. Take a sponge and sink it on the mixed liquid. Then rub the sponge on the chair cushion. Now take the shampoo and water, and mix them up again. Sink the sponge and rub the chair cushion following the previous procedure. Then de-moisturize the chair cushion to dry it off. Now you can see its super fresh look. 

Final words

So, this is all about how to clean chair cushion. The process can save time and money.  Now you know how to keep your seating arrangement clean. There are also other ways to make a chair cushion clean. These are the most common ways. Hopefully, you can find your ways among these procedures. The appearance of a chair cushion is essential. It signifies your personality. So, you should always keep your chair cushion clean and lousy smell free.

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