How to Sit In a Gaming Chair For Your Health

Gaming is one of the craziest things to do nowadays. There are plenty of exciting games made by giant gaming companies. A gaming chair is essential equipment to get the full phase of the excitement of the games. Having a gaming chair is not enough to do stuff. You need to know how to sit in a gaming chair.

How to Sit In a Gaming Chair

Here we are describing the things you should know about preparing a gaming chair before sitting on it. 

How to Sit In a Gaming Chair

Setting Proper Seat Height

Inappropriate height of your chair causes discomfort. It would be best if you sat on your chair to determine the proper height. Your feet must be placed on the ground at a flat level. The knee position should be a 90-degree angle. That is how your legs will come to a proper shape. If you place the seat much lower, your knees will stay above the hips. It will cause pressure on your spine. Setting a higher position may cause stress on your foot. 

Adjust the Seat Tilt

The Seat Tilt plays a significant role in the comfy of a gaming chair. A well-designed gaming chair must have the seat tilt. It would help if you made the proper adjustments of the seat with the tilt. One thing you have to make sure that the seat pan is in a slightly forwarded position. It may reduce the chance of getting neck pain. 

Adjust the Seat Depth

The depth of your gaming chair depends on the length of your thighs. The depth adjustment is essential to have a proper sitting posture. There should be four fingers distance between the seat edge and the calf. 

Setting the Backrest

The backrest of the gaming chair should be adjusted correctly. You may spend long hours in gaming. It is important to ensure comfort for the upper and lower back of your body. Your spine is a sensitive area to be curved. So, the backrest of your gaming chair needs to be fit with your spine. Many gaming chairs have lumbar support cushion. It is mostly useful for supporting your lower back. 

Setting the Armrest

There are several types of gaming chairs in the market in terms of arms feature. They could be like armless, adjustable arms, adjustable arms, etc. As keeping your arm relaxed is important while gaming, you should purchase an adjustable arm gaming chair. It can help your shoulder, neck, and arms to feel comfortable. The 90-degree gap between your upper and lower arm is perfect for a healthy gaming chair posture. 

Using Support Pillows

The support pillows play a great role in making your gaming experience delightful. They are part of the backrest. Comfort is a significant issue for longer sessions of gaming. The support pillows can ensure it. It supports your spine and neck. So, make a proper adjustment of the pillows before sitting on the gaming chair. 

Proper Posture

Maintaining proper posture on a gaming chair is important for your back. You have to your spine straight. You can do it by relying on your hips. Relaxing the shoulder may give you comfort. It would be best if you did not curve your neck. This thing is not easy to maintain. So, please check your posture after 20-30 minutes. 

Positioning the Monitor

When you are playing games, you star at the monitor most of the time. It is crucial to position your monitor properly for the sack of your eyes and neck. Your primary monitor should be placed on the right in front of you. For proper visualization, place the monitor 18-20 inches away from your eyes. You need to place the monitor in such a position that the middle point of the monitor stays a few centimeters above your eyes level. It will be helpful for your neck.

Do Not Forget to Take Break

The setting of a gaming chair is all about your comfort. But it does not mean that it can ensure a healthy posture for hours to hours. You should take a break on a regular interval. It is better to get up from the gaming chair once every hour. You can take 10-15 minutes break. A little walk around your surroundings might be enough. It would help increase blood circulation after an hour of gaming. It will refresh your mind, as well. You can give full concentration again on the game after the break. We know it is tough to maintain. You can set the alarm on your phone to get a reminder. 

Final Words

A healthy sitting posture is important for gamers. Otherwise, they may experience pain on their back after a while. It is not just a simple matter to ignore. That is why it is essential to know how to sit in a gaming chair. We have described everything that you need to look into for having the proper gaming chair posture.  

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