Office Chair Types and Their Ergonomics Explained

There are so many options you can find when you are looking for chairs for your office. Not all the chairs are the same in terms of design, material, and other characteristics.

4 Office Chair Types

So, there are differences between office chair types. Here we have differentiated the types of office chairs based on four parameters.

They are

(i) Styles
(ii) Materials
(iii) Desk chair features
(iv) Chair arm options

In every category, we have mentioned several kinds of chairs. It would help you to know the types of office chairs with names. 

Office Chair Style

Differences between Office Chair Types

Traditional Office Chairs

The traditional chairs consist of traditional swivel and roll. It has a gorgeous look which might be suitable for the home office. The design of this kind of chair is eye-catching. Anyone coming to your room will draw attention to it. If your office space is spacious, then it looks perfect. There are several kinds of materials used to build this chair. Sometimes, it seems expensive due to premium quality wood used on it. 

Modern Office Chairs

The office environment should always be serious; this is not necessarily true. Productivity can not be higher in a dull office environment. A bright and attractive chair gives the office environment a charming tone. This is what the modern office chairs are for. They are made of vinyl, often with a colorful design. This material is easy to clean and more comfortable than traditional chairs. It is also known as a Contemporary chair. 

Transitional Office Chairs

The transitional office chairs are a combination of a traditional and modern office chair. They have a conventional structure with a modern layout. This chair comes with many attractive designs and colors. You can adjust the height of the chair. The wheels are also convenient to move from one place to another. The seating foam and the backrest are also comfortable to use. 

Industrial Office Chairs

The industrial chairs have strong detailed looking. It is very comfortable to use with the padded seat and backrest. It has a height adjustment feature. The industrial chair could be armless. For regular use, you can use an armed chair to feel comfortable. Usually, this type of chair comes with a dark color tone. Its exposed metal is one of the reasons behind that. 

Craftsman Office Chairs

The craftsman office chairs are a combination of traditional design and progressive style. They are attractive and unique in design. From a functional point of view, it would be useful furniture in your office. The craftsman office chair is also known as a mission style chair. It has a dark wooden frame with a neutral color tone. These things make the chair luxurious. 

Mid-Century Office Chair

The mid-century office chair is a little bit different in style from other office chairs. It will match with the environment if your office follows the mid-century style decoration. Otherwise, it would look odd among the other furniture. Its gray seat makes a charming appearance. The mid-century chair has a swivel seat and height adjustment facility. So, you would feel comfortable using this cohesive looking office chair. 

Office Chair Materials 

Leather Chairs

The leather chairs have strong appeal in the market due to its attractive look and durability. The leather can protect the foam and give the chair a professional appearance.  A leather chair makes your office environment splendid. Another good point is that you can clean it easily. You may have to spend a good amount behind it, but it is worthy. 

Fabric Office Chairs

The fabric is mostly used material for chair cover. It is more comfortable than any other material. It is also less expensive. You can have a versatile design and color of fabric chair cover. There are both modern and traditional designs available.  The cleaning process is also easy. You can find many ways to clean a fabric cover. 

Mesh Office Chair

The mesh seat is easy going due to its lightweight. There is a lot of room air circulation. If you have a sweating problem, you can go for the mesh chair. The mesh material helps to keep your chair away from getting a bad smell. Another good point is that it can be adjusted as per your body structure. It has a simple but dynamic look. 

Wooden Office Chairs

The wooden office chairs are studier than any other materials made chair. It is a long-lasting chair. The bad point is that it is not comfortable to use due to the hardwood. You can get rid of it by adding a cushion. This is the reason; the wooden chairs are nit popular for the office environment. It may cost you less than other alternatives. 

Vinyl Office Chairs

The vinyl office chairs are comfortable to use, and it has a premium look. You can find it less costly than leather or wood. It is also more durable than any other material. You can find its cleaning process easy. The main disadvantage of vinyl office chairs is; it can get stained quickly. So, it is better to off-gas the vinyl after purchasing. 

Plastic Office Chairs

Among the other materials, plastic chairs are less expensive. The cost may increase depending on the characteristics and quality of the materials. The plastic material usually does not last long. But if the construction quality is good, it may last longer than expected. For an office, it is better to use a plastic chair as a short-term arrangement. Most of the plastic chairs do not look formal. 

Desk Chair Features

Proportionate Office Chairs

A person can be short or tall, skinny, or bulky. When a person sits on a chair, it needs to be perfect as per his/her size and shape. Proportionate chairs offer small, medium, and large size chairs. You can purchase whichever you need. Big size chair needs five casters to support the whole body. For all size chairs, back support is necessary. 

Adjustable Height

The height adjustment is one of the most important for the office chair. Everyone expects a convenient work environment. You may need flexibility in movement while working for long hours. So, the adjustment feature with the chair makes your working hours comfortable. Another thing is that there can be a lot of people working in an office. The height of them varies from person to person. The people can adjust the height of the chair as per their convenience. 

Ergonomic Office Chairs

The idea was so common that long working hours on office chairs caused back pain and wrist problems. The employees do not have a comforting feeling. The ergonomic chair comes to get you rid of this problem. There are adjustable arms, breathable fabric, supportive back, and swivel with this office chair. So, you can rely on this type of chair without any doubt. 

Tablet Arm Office Chairs

The tablet arm office chairs are suitable for office training programs. There is a small desk attached to an arm of the chair. You keep using it as a writing space, or you can keep your tablet or small size laptop on it. It does not have a height adjustment feature. Your office may often arrange training for the employees. This chair is the best fit for this purpose. 

Wheeled Office Chairs

When you are working at the office, you often need to move around surrounding your desk. You can do it without standing up from your chair. It is possible when your chair has a wheel on it. There are usually 4 to 5 wheels on a chair. You can move your files or documents without any extra hassle. It just makes the working environment easier. 

Chair Arm Options

Armless Office Chairs

The main advantage of the armless chair is; it is very flexible to use. You can move one place to another place very easily. But when it comes to comfort, it will not satisfy you. As it is an armless chair, there is no armrest. You can not keep your hands on something to relax. Sometimes, you may need to work for a long time at the office. This type of chair is not suitable for long-time uses. You can adjust the height with its hydraulic piston. 

Fixed Arms Office Chairs

When you work for hours, you need to take little breaks in the middle of the work. You can keep your arm on the chair to have relaxed. It will provide you more comfort if the chair has armrests. The fixed arms office chairs are this kind of chair. The only disadvantage of this chair is; you can not adjust the armrest as per your body size. So, measure the perfect size before purchasing the chair.

Adjustable Arms Office Chairs

The flexible arms chairs are the most comfortable chair type among these chair arm options. You can give your arm relax by lying them onto the arm. The main advantage of this chair is that the armrest is adjustable by raising and lowering the arms. The feature is available on a modern layout. Traditional chairs do not offer this feature. Most of the wooden chairs also do not have it. 

Final Words

So, now you know the types of office chairs with names. It would be easier for you to decide what kinds of chairs you need for the office. The differences between office chair types are noteworthy. When you have lots of alternatives, the differentiation among them makes you clear that which types are suitable for you. This is exactly what we did for you here. It will be a great pleasure if this writing helps you in this regard. 

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