14 Different Types of Chairs for Office In 2021

The interior design of an office is quite an essential matter nowadays. Initially, people judge the offices by how does it look. The chair is necessary equipment for any office. The seating arrangement can change the office outlook. There are many types of chairs for office available in the market. Here, we have just mentioned the commonly used chair types.

You can make your office environment delightful by choosing the right chair. People have to work in an office for a long time. So, it is all about comfort and flexibility.

14 Different Types of Chairs for Office

The office is a formal place to deal with different kinds of people. So, the chair also needs to look official. There are also some chairs which are not formal, but still, are part of office.

So, we also mentioned those kinds of chairs.  Let’s have a look at the types of chairs for the office. 

1. Executive Office Chairs

The executive chair is the most glorious chair among the variation in types of chairs. The chairs are also costly. They have an attractive design. Every corporate office needs this type of chair. Usually, the top executives of an organization use this kind of chair. You feel comfortable sitting on this chair. It has lumbar support. You can also adjust the height. The use of ample cushion makes it a comfy chair. The manufacturers use premium quality of materials to build this type of chair. 

2. Ergonomic Chairs

You may have to work at your office for long hours by sitting on your chair. So, the chair needs to be comfortable enough. Long hours of sitting at one place may cause back pain. This ergonomic chair helps to support you for sitting adjustment. You can slide the seat pan and adjust tilt tension. You can also adjust its armrest and headrest. The simple and unique design of ergonomic chairs may cost a little higher, but it will provide you extra comfort. 

3. Conference Chairs

A conference room is a brainstorming place. You can have a meeting with your team members there. The meeting or conference may run for long hours, but it takes three to four hours usually. So, there are not many adjustment facilities with this type of chair. You can adjust the seat height and tilt tension. The usual materials of conference chairs are foam, leather, fabric, etc. The chair has seat forwarding facility. It encourages your team members to become participative. This chair is one of the most used chairs among the different types of chairs for office. 

4. Drafting Chairs

There are such occupations where the employees to stand very often. For example, artists and architectures are such kinds of individuals. The drafting chairs make a right balance in sitting and standing. Generally, these chairs are adjustable with a draft table and standing height desk. You can easily switch your position from sitting to standing or standing to sitting. There is a place to keep your feet, which is called the foot ring. The chair is compatible with conventional desks. 

5. Kneeling Chairs

The kneeling chairs are suitable for the short-term workload. It is also good to use for chronic back pain persons. Typically, the other office chairs are with a 90 degree sitting position. But the kneeling chairs are with a 60 to 70-degree easing position. It can give your back more support. The chair is not suitable for long term tasks. It can restrict your leg movement. They are easy to move from one place to another. It can be used for a temporary period. 

6. 24 Hours Chairs

There are lots of offices where they run for long hours. Some offices even operate for 24 hours a day. Suppose a call center of any telecom company. They need to provide non-stop service whenever it is day or night. The 24 hours of chairs are suitable for these kinds of offices. The frames of the chairs are extra durable. The manufacturers use the thick pad for seating arrangement. The chairs have some helpful features like lumbar support, headrest and armrest adjustment, height movement, etc. 

7. Armless Chairs

You might easily understand what kind of chair it could be by its name. Yes, the chair has no arms. The chair is famous for its smooth movement and flexibility. If you have to move within your office frequently, then the armless chair is suitable for you. Though there is no arm, you can have your neck and lower back on its back support. If you do not need to work on your computer continuously, you can use this armless chair for comfort. The chairs are also comfortable to move from one place to another. So you can switch the desk without any hassle. 

8. Mesh Office Chairs

Many people have to work in hot office climates. Some people may sweat quickly in such environments. The mesh office chairs are suitable for them, mostly. They use net fabric to make the backrest. The backrest is also connected to a cushioned seat, which ensures comfort. This settlement is right for proper blood circulation and lowering the back pain. This smart chair can support your back besides keeping you cool. The chair has a small wheel by which you can move it with comfort. 

9. Folding Chairs

The folder’s chairs do not have the typical formal look. We do not use these kinds of chairs for regular uses in the office. You may have an event where you need some extra chairs. Folding chairs can fulfill this temporary need. They take less space when folded. You can fold it and keep it on your storage when you are done with the event. So, you see that folding chairs are portable. They are also easy to carry as folding chairs are lightweight. These chairs can be made of metal or plastic, even sometimes wood. 

10. Tablet Arm Chairs

When you are on a training or lecture session, you may have to work on your tablet. The tablet armchairs are useful to keep your tablet on it. The chair has an attached side desk that you can use for writing or keep the tablet. Some chairs have a larger space where you can even your small size laptop too. The side desk has a folding option. When you are not using the desk, you fold it down and give concentration on the lecture. This type of chair is mainly used in training centers and educational institutions. 

11. Stacking Chairs

The stacking chairs are perfect for short-term seating arrangement. This chair is very convenient to use due to its lightweight and portability. When there is any office program or special event, the stacking chair is useful. You can also overcome a situation with this chair where you have an extra guest in your program. The design of the stacking chair is delightful. They do not have any wheel to move, but still, they are useful.

12. Loveseats

You might be wondering by the name of this seating equipment. The loveseats are a two-seat sofa or couch. You can keep it at the office reception. It is also useful in a casual meeting. The design of the loveseats is eye-catching, and it looks aesthetic. If you keep it at your lobby for social gathering, people will amaze. The seats are very comfortable due to the high-quality foam. The foam may be covered by fabric or leather. You can choose the best loveseats from lots of attractive design. 

13. Beam Seating

The beam seating is useful for public places like hospitals, stations, airports, commercial institutions, etc. In the beam seating, there are two or more chairs are in an attachment. They stand on a fixed beam. They are not that portable, but still, you can manage them without any difficulties. The beam seating is an optimized seating arrangement as it can accommodate more than two persons. Some offices use it at their reception. You can use it in other waiting areas. 

14. Sofas

Though here we are talking about office chairs, sofas also have a high impact on the seating arrangement. So, we can treat it as an office chair. Like beam seating, more than two people can sit on sofas. It can be a perfect match with the reception environment. Sofas are comfortable to use. You can keep you on sofas in a flexible mood. There are lots of fabulous designs of sofas. You can also order sofas by choosing your design. The foams of sofas are usually soft and covered by leather or fabric. 

Final words

The productivity of your employees sometimes depends on how you keep them well. Choosing the right chair for your office could be a satisfactory factor for them. The employees spend long hours in the office. If the working environment is not comfortable, their productivity might be lower. So, make your office environment employee-friendly. There are enormous types of chairs for the office you can find. Just choose the right ones for your office.

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