Why Are Office Chairs So Expensive?

When you go for buying good quality office chairs, you may get curious about why are office chairs so expensive. There are lots of office chairs in the market at lower prices. You can purchase these less costly chairs easily. But, when it is all about quality, you may have to spend more money. The class does not compromise with the price most of the times.

Why Are Office Chairs So Expensive

Several factors are working behind the high rate of office chairs. Here, we have tried to explain those factors for you.


The design of an office chair plays a significant role in making a buying decision. The first thing you notice when you are looking at an office chair is its design. If the design is attractive, you seem to like it. The unattractive design makes you away from buying it. So, the manufacturers spend plenty amount of time to have a standard design. Who does not like uniqueness? A unique design of the office chair can provide you extra pleasure while you are working. You may have extra attention from the people around you. 

No unique and attractive design is easy to implement. So, there is the issue of cost. The producers may have to invest lots of money on it, which results in making the office chairs expensive. Are expensive office chairs worth it? If you are satisfied with the design, then the answer yes.


Whether an office chair is expensive or cheap, it mostly depends on the elements of the chair. After the design, the thing you notice on an office chair is its material. The as usual manufacturers make office chairs from high price range to low price range. When they go for low pricing, the cost-cutting makes a high impact on the materials. You can see that low price office chairs are provided with cheap fabric, leather, and plastic cover.

Why Are Office Chairs So Expensive

On the other hand, high price office chairs are built with premium fabric or leather. You would feel comfortable with a soft chair cushion. Most soft cushion materials are high in price. The durability of an office chair depends on the materials used. So, it also costs a high price to ensure long-lasting of an office chair.


Most of the employees have to stay in the offices for long hours. The seating arrangement of any office should be employee-friendly. There should also be health concerns. It makes the whole arrangement expensive to ensure these things. The health experts have been alerting about the negative effect of sitting on a chair for a long time. The ergonomic chairs are helpful regarding this matter. 

If you work for long hours sitting on a cheap chair, it may cause several health problems on your body. The most common problem is back pain. Using ergonomic chairs may reduce the chance of getting this type of pain. You can have the right supports sitting on it. The manufacturer can not sacrifice these things by compromising with money. So, the price of the office chairs gets high at the end.


Any chair with a customization feature can make it more flexible. When it is about an office chair, this feature is the most important. You need to work at your office for at least 40 hours in a week. It is not a short time to count. You may have to adjust your chair as per your needs. Most of the office chairs allow this adjustment. At least you can change your seat height. 

There are also other things to adjust. The more feature you need, the much expensive an office chair is. You can also adjust the headrest, armrest, backrest, and buttock areas. The features are not for your comfort only, but also your health benefits. These exclusive adjustments are part and parcel parts of the office chairs nowadays. The whole mechanism causes a higher cost of the office chairs.

Research and Development (R&D)

We have mentioned several things above that make an office chair costly. You may wonder about the mechanism that works behind to ensure these things. Yes, it is called Research and Development (R&D). Many people are working to make these things done. The people are technicians, designers, engineers, and even physical experts. They continuously research to find out what would be the best suit within a given price. This procedure also causes expenses, which leads to the high price of an office chair.

Final words

Now you have got the answer to this question – why are office chairs so expensive? There are lots of options available at the market at different prices. You might not want to use office chairs for a short time. Durability matters a lot here. The health and safety issue is also there. As it is a long term investment, go for the best ones even if it is expensive.

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